Optical lenses

The lenses are classified into "single focus lens", "multifocal lens" and "middle and near multifocal lens". We propose a lens that suits a variety of uses, from the professional perspective, to the work, life and hobby of the customer. Please feel free to contact us even if you do not know what kind of lens suits you.

Single focus lens

It is a general eyeglass lens used for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. One lens has one power.
Used for general correction and reading glasses for hands only. Single-focus lenses have aspherical and double-sided aspherical designs, and there are differences in how they look.

単焦点レンズ 単焦点レンズ
単焦点レンズ 単焦点レンズ

Multifocal lens

If the presbyopic person is using reading glasses, you must wear glasses off when you see the distance and when you see nearby. In order to eliminate such annoyance, a lens that has a part for seeing far and a part for seeing close is called a multifocal lens. In addition, a progressive power lens is a lens in which the power of a multifocal lens for distance lenses to the power of near lenses is smoothly and continuously changed.

Indoor type - Middle and near multifocal lens

This lens has been developed for indoor and indoor use, and you can see it from around 3-4m to your hand without wearing it with one pair of glasses. Therefore, these glasses are ideal for watching TV, cleaning, cooking, and reading. It's also great for looking at boards and documents at hand during meetings. If you are making indoor glasses for the first time, it is recommended that you see how it actually looks like with test lenses before you purchase them.